Soul Dancing with the Brass Band

A Novel that shows the relationship between past lives and the one you now live.

         YA Fantasy

Have you ever wondered if you have lived before? 


Hillary, a farm girl from Kansas had never given it a second thought. She always believed her big adventure would be going away to college until she learned about a promise she made two thousand years ago.




Soul Searching with the Brass Band
A novel about the ones who watch over us
     YA Fantasy

Living one life is hard enough. Living two at the same time is excruciating and the most incredible thing that has ever happened to me. At night I live as a Druid warrior who leads her army into bloody battle against the Roman Empire, only to find those very people are my dearest friends and family when I awake as a college student...I’ve learned nothing is a coincidence.
We form a group that we affectionately call the Brass Band, making a brass bowl our final member. It is an ancient object that has the ability to amplify our desires for a peaceful world. Unfortunately we are not the only ones who know of its existence. A very dark force has followed us into this time of Enlightenment and they want the bowl as their own.

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Soul Choice

Coming Soon

YA Fantasy

Two Suns Rising upload cover.jpg
With the Powers of the Gods

Soon to Be published

Contemporary Fantasy

Novels that explore reincarnation and how it relates to the lives we live.