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At thirty-five, I had it all— a home, a swimming pool,  a career as an engineer, and a dog. I remember clearly the day I realized I'd achieved the American Dream, but along with all the material belongings came an empty place inside. I considered joining the Peace Corps but backpack around the world, instead. I made wonderful friends, saw amazing places, but returned home a year later with the same hole in my heart. I’d made the mistake of looking outside of myself for what you can only find inside.

My novels may be works of fiction, but the magic and mysticism I talk about exists in everyday life for those who have the eyes to see it. The forces that propel my characters are very much alive in this world, and sometimes we can only comprehend the magnitude of what is happening around us through a story.


My journey eventually led me to the mountains of Colorado, where I live with my husband and my new dog.

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